The bespoke sideboard of one of our projects.

In the past, ‘bespoke’ only really applied to tailor-made suits and shoes. Nowadays, however, it refers to anything that is specifically commissioned, be it clothing, furniture, holidays or entire houses. When applied to furniture, each item is custom-made to meet your exact needs, taking account of how and where it will be used and how you want it to look. In a nutshell, you will get the exact item that you need.

Where you choose to use bespoke furniture is up to you. Depending on the product you requisition, it can be used within any room of the home. Whether you are looking for a cabinet, walk-in wardrobe, shelving, table, bar, coffee table, trunk, staircase, headboard or chandelier; if you know what you want, a specialist design company such as Concept Bespoke can create it.

1.   Staircases

Nothing sets off the interior of a home more than a stand-out staircase. It can set the whole tone of your property and, if situated in the entrance hallway, captivate guests upon their arrival. Your bespoke staircase can be made of any material you want, such as wood, stone, marble, or metal, and glass can be incorporated into any of these. If you’re in a modern house you may choose a floating staircase of metal and glass or, if have a period home, you may wish to have something more traditional, ‘sculpted’ to suit the period. Old timbers can be re-used, giving them a new lease of life and help you keep the tone of the property. If the material that you require is not available within the UK, then it can of course be imported

2.  Dining Room Tables and Chairs

Make sure that your dining room stands out from the rest with the addition of luxury handmade table and chairs. Using materials crafted by artisans with decades of skill and knowledge, the result will be a collection of the finest furniture to be found. The measurements, style, fabric, design and look of the dining set are all influenced by you. A skilled craftsman will then make use of your ideas to produce the final item. Using the finest timbers such as oak, cherry, walnut and maple, your set will be carefully conceived to accommodate as many diners as you need. Check out some of the dining sets created by Concept Bespoke to see how bespoke a table and chairs can transform your dining room.

3.  Cabinets

People love bespoke cabinets as they optimise the space available and bring their favourite design ideas to life. Designed and fitted by experts, when cabinets are tailor made to fit, you never have to compromise to get the look that you want. Having furniture made exactly the way you like it is not only possible but a must for those that want their home to be extra special. Suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, studies and even lounges and dining rooms, a bespoke cabinet will add the perfect finishing touch.

4.  Headboards

Concept Bespoke have completed many headboard projects for clients that demand the highest quality. Skilled craftsmen are able to make any type of headboard to suit all sizes of beds and room décor. Giant headboards are incredibly popular and are best either wall-mounted or floor standing. The choice of material and design, however, is up to you. You can incorporate existing fabrics and colours from the room or choose specific woods to match your design palate. With bespoke furniture, the world is your oyster.

By having a headboard made to suit your room, it can become a great focal point for your bedroom, elevating even the most beautiful of beds. 

5.  Chandeliers

Nothing lights up a room in the same way as a stunning chandelier. Make this a bespoke design, based around your sketches or ideas and you have something incredibly unique. Concept Bespoke have created bespoke chandeliers for all types of homes in the London area, as well as for private holiday homes around the UK and overseas. When built to order the resulting chandeliers can create a tailor-made lighting feature that is both breath-taking and as modern or traditional as you need it to be. For crystal chandeliers, the exact positioning of the lights and the crystal can have a huge effect on the light patterns, so getting a bespoke design for your home means that the lighting will exactly suit your rooms. With exquisite detailing and a delightful array of crystal, your home will become a thing of beauty.

6.  Chests and Trunks

Chests and trunks can be made of so many materials and to suit so many styles, it is no wonder that Concept Bespoke are frequently commissioned to create one-off and unique designs for clients. Your chest or trunk can be a modern in design or modelled on an Old English, Shaker or even Edwardian or Victorian style dressers. The size can also be anything you want, from large and out-sized down to a custom-made unit to fit a snug corner. Drawers or Cupboards? Extruding or built in handles? All you have to do is describe what you want and it will be precisely created by craftsmen skilled in the art of producing enviable pieces.

7.  Drinks Cabinets

When you have the home of your dreams, you need to be sure that it contains everything that you will need, particularly when entertaining. This is why having a hand-crafted drinks cabinet or bar is a must. Home bars and drinks cabinets can be designed and built as either free-standing items or built into the room to suit any type of home. This is the only sure way to guarantee that you have exactly what you are looking for. Much more than just a piece of furniture, you have a piece of cabinetry that will look amazing whilst at the same time being incredibly practical. Based upon their many years of experience and exacting level of quality, Concept Bespoke have completed many drinks cabinet projects for exceptional homes.


There are so many reasons why you should choose to have bespoke furniture items made. As well as receiving a truly personalised and intimate service, you can avoid the crowd and make it all about you. Interior design items made by artisans provide you with full control over your investment because you get precisely what you want. With the freedom to choose the material, finish and design, you can transform the look of your living space. A design that provides the perfect union of functionality and aesthetic beauty can remain in your home for many years, blending in with your interior design scheme effortlessly.

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