In this blog post we will cover how to choose from the mix of available property management companies in London for your luxury residential property.

What is property management and how does it work?

Broadly defined, property management is the process of dealing directly with property owners to maintain and repair the property. In luxury residential properties, property managers or management companies such as Concept Bespoke are hired to take day-to-day responsibility for the running of the property.

Choosing a property management company in London based upon price alone is not a great idea. Look for experience and the ability to work independently, only involving you as the resident when large issues are at stake.  Before making a final decision, look at their references and testimonials.  Ensure that they have full liability insurance. A good property manager will be an excellent communicator, making the experience of living in the property truly luxurious.

What do property management companies in London provide?


Concierge services take care of all front-of-house tasks, dealing with interaction between visitors, residents and the building.

A comprehensive concierge service will encompass:

  • Auditing
  • Detailed consultancy
  • People management
  • Necessary training
  • Maintaining standards
  • Upkeep and provision of uniform
  • Recruitment and support of team members

Whether the property management company in London such as Concept Bespoke are dealing with a residential or commercial property, they should carry out all duties in a professional and efficient manner, maintaining the upmarket image of the property.

Health and safety

The health and safety aspect of the service provided by property management companies in London deals with all compliance and risk management.  As experts in health and safety, they can provide a full assessment of risk for one property or a large portfolio. Working with you, they will become your key advisor, providing help and support regarding all areas of risk.  At the same time, they will make clear the benefits of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all residents, reducing your insurance costs.

Property management

The best property management companies in London will act as a one-stop-shop when it comes to all areas of property management and knowledge of the local market. Providing insight, guidance and support, they will support you as a resident, showing you how best to maintain your property.

Choose from managing the property yourself of allowing your chosen management company to do it for you.  The most experienced property management companies in London will have staff that are honest, helpful and always knowledgeable when it comes to property management.  They will also be ARLA Propertymark protected, providing you with complete peace of mind.

When you choose the best of the property management companies in London, you can be sure that they will take full control of your property portfolio or estate, ensuring that all runs smoothly and to a very high quality level.   They will make full use of the experience and skills, enhancing their offering to you. 

Care of the following will also fall within their remit:

  • Lighting – your properties always need to be operating efficiently, and this includes lighting.  If smart technology is being used to control the lighting, this system needs to be carefully maintained and cared for.  There should be a regular schedule of checking carried out and any bulbs that are out or areas of lighting not working as they need to be should be attended to as a priority.

  • Heating – in the same way that lighting is a necessity, so is heating. This may include electric, gas, coal or wood-burning appliances.  All need to be maintained on a regular basis and safety measures put in place to ensure that the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning is kept at bay.

  • Electric repairs – Concept Bespoke ensures all properties that we maintain comply with electrically safety and carry out testing of services on an annual basis.  Any electrical repairs are also attended to as a priority.

  • Regulation compliance – regulatory compliance needs to be upheld via regular maintenance procedures being put in place. This will cover the safety of all lighting, electrical, heating and cooling systems as well as building regulation compliance. Risk assessments will also be carried out about mechanical, electrical, fabric, water/fire and security issues.

  • Plumbing – all areas of plumbing need to be kept in good order and fully operational without any leaks.  This applies to drains, showers, toilets, sinks and plumbing for washing machines and dishwashers.  Any blockages need to be attended to quickly.


By opting to work with a property management company in London of distinction, you will be assured of having chosen a firm of the right quality to deliver an effort free living experience.

They will carefully manage not only your home but also your investment.  The value of your property will increase if it is well cared for, structurally sound, decorated well, attractive to look at and maintained impeccably inside and out.

Before deciding on which of the property management companies in London you will choose, use this final ‘tick box’ to ensure that they will do all that you need them to.  This will include:

  • Managing your property to a very high standard
  • Enabling you to maximise your investment
  • Take care of all processes and procedures
  • Take the strain and stress so you don’t have to
  • Save you both time and money

When managing agents are professional and competent, they will naturally work in a collaborative way with their clients, ensuring full compliance and providing the necessary resources at the right time. They should demonstrate not only technical expertise but also provide great value for money, capped by superb customer service.

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