In this blog post we will cover how to develop a luxury property in London.

What is luxury property development?

A luxury property development in London will possess all the following qualities:

  • Experiential – buyers of upmarket development are well-informed and sophisticated. .Valuing original art, education, travel, architecture and luxury goods, they choose to connect with only the best.  When they buy a luxury property development, they are looking for far more than ownership; they want to have the whole experience too.  This shift towards experiential luxury is clearly reflected within the lifestyle and amenity preferences of our clientele at Concept Bespoke.

  • Convenience – amenities also come high on the list of must-haves in luxury property developments.  Buyers that used to be in the cities are now quite happy to move out into suburban areas if there is easy access to the type of amenities they require. At Concept Bespoke, we are finding more and more requests coming in to develop large scale residential properties that are in suburban London.

  • Ultimate privacy – A luxury property development wouldn’t be complete without ultimate privacy.  We find that buyers are happy to pay a premium for the right sort of facilities and features.  When it comes to privacy, things like gated entrances, security cameras and fences are a typical request.

  • Collectable – when you can afford the best in luxury property developments, just like buying original artwork, properties (particularly listed buildings) are treated as pieces of artwork to be maintained. Concept Bespoke provides a suite of services to maintain luxury residential properties.

  • Turnkey ready – imagine having your very own luxury property development ready to move into, so all that you need to take through the door is yourself.  This is what you get with a turnkey ready property, fully kitted out with all the most up-to-date conveniences of a luxury lifestyle. Concept Bespoke is able to offer clients a complete turnkey luxury construction service.

  • Understated – A luxury property development does not have to be elaborate or opulent.  We often find our clients are looking for understated, restrained and low-key- they want things to be scaled back with quality ruling over quantity.

How does a luxury property development work?

The best luxury property developments work by following a set process that includes the following:


At times this may be complex so it is recommended to work with planning advisors particularly with complex listed buildings to prepare planning applications that will be approved.  By dealing positively with the council planning departments, and bringing both ideas and solutions to the table, then agreeable conclusions can be achieved.


Concept Bespoke is used to collaborating with architects, designers and other stakeholders in order to achieve the best results with the selected materials.  By focusing clearly on every detail, the result is a sophisticated design that not only looks wonderful but is also a functional living space, maximising the output of each project to deliver a package that is both timeless and elegant.

Fit-out Team

It is the responsibility of the fit-out team to bring to fruition the key elements of the design and build.  Most of the time this will involve an interior design team who will work with Concept Bespoke to make sure that the luxury property development is fully equipped with all that could be required by their discerning clients.  The interior elements need to be functional and long-lasting, making use of the latest technology whilst requiring little maintenance.

Maintenance Team

It is the task of the Concept Bespoke maintenance team to prevent problems before they occur.  When issues are raised, they are attended to quickly, efficiently and tidily.  The aim here is to inconvenience the residents as little as possible, providing a trouble-free experience whilst remedial work is carried out.  However, most of their time is spent operating proactively with regular check-ups to reduce the need to carry out repairs.

Project management

The construction of a luxury property development can only be carried out correctly when it is managed well.  Expert project management, a dedicated team and attention to detail get the results that clients need. It is the role of the project management team to liaise with the property owners or buyers, providing unrivalled care and attention, acting all the time as if the property were their own.  Detailed reports will always keep clients in the picture , providing owners with full peace of mind.  By acting in a dedicated and committed way, project success can be guaranteed, and any potential problems averted.

Cost management

When things do go wrong, the project manager will immediately put in place corrective action, getting the project back on track and avoiding added costs and wasted time.  This helps tremendously with cost management.  They also have good relationships with suppliers, enabling them to purchase materials at the best rates.  Correct coordination of resources and adhering to strict methodology guarantee that deadlines are met, meaning that all promises made to the client are kept.


As you can see, developing a luxury property in London is based upon meticulous planning and execution.  The best luxury property developments are carried out by companies that care about the finished result and who are inspired and passionate. Concept Bespoke is one of those companies.  By taking an empty space and re imagining it into something spectacular with interior designers and architects, we can maximise the potential of the property and create great living experiences.

It’s all about expert collaboration, acknowledging each member of the team for their strengths, allowing each to add depth to the work. With each project being unique, bespoke features can be added to include spectacular original art along with the best of advanced technology. Compromises don’t have to be made when it comes to setting benchmarks and delivering on promises. 

The finished product appeals to those who recognise quality and distinction along with the importance of detail.  These developments are ideal for those discerning clients who are looking to buy a home with soul.

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