If you already have a luxury serviced apartment or are looking for one, you will know that it comes fully furnished and ready to use.  The amenities provided are like those of a hotel i.e. room service, house-keeping, gym, laundry room etc. Your serviced apartment should also have all that you need in terms of a kitchen, Wi-Fi and fridge/freezer.

Unlike traditional apartments, these are more often used by those seeking some luxury whilst away from home. Great to use whilst relocating or searching for a more permanent residence or maybe to use as your city residence when away from your country home.

They win over hotels as they offer a lot more privacy and convenience. The idea is that whilst you are in your luxury apartment, you have access to all that you need.  If you are seeking a new luxury serviced apartment, there are certain property services that you should include. Let’s look at the four top services for luxury serviced apartments that are must-haves.

Smart Technology

As a luxury serviced apartment user, there are certain property services that are essential and one of those is smart technology.  As well as using digital voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google assistant carry out commands ranging from typing your emails to switching the lights on and off, there are many other smart technology services that can make your life far easier. All types of smart technology can be built into your serviced apartment.  Think about using it to bring more comfort, added relaxation and control.  

  • By adding smart technology type building services into your apartment, the Wi-Fi system can be improved as can the TV, gaming facilities and music set-up. 
  • Lighting dimmer switches can control the amount of light and even change colours.  
  • CCTV cameras have improved considerably and can be used as virtual security guards whilst you are away.  
  • Some of the best remote controls will control the lighting, climate, shade, vision and volume, all with just a click. 

By using a high-level property services company to take care of your smart technology, you can be sure that each of these is of the highest quality and always working, both in terms of product and installation. 

Building Security

Unfortunately, burglaries are a fact of life and luxury properties, including apartments, are always an attractive target. You need to consider the security of your apartment, deciding whether it is adequate enough.

Here are just a few building security items that you need to include:

  • External shutters – these can be integrated into the building’s fabric, built into the lintel. Coming in a range of colours and styles, they are virtually invisible but provide great security and protection.
  • CCTV – inside and out, this is certainly a must-have, acting not only as a deterrent but providing you with hard evidence on tape in the case of break-ins or burglaries.
  • Alarm system – switch this on anytime you are out, not just when away for long periods of time.  Rather than just make a loud sound, get the alarm wired through to the concierge or alarm company so that it can be attended to 24/7.
  • Entry systems – a lot of serviced apartments already have these, making sure that no one can enter unless they have been checked and verified. Ones with cameras are the best so that you can both see and hear the visitor.
  • Quality locking systems – essential in terms of keeping people out, whether you are at home or not.  Most luxury apartments will come with this as standard but if not, there are plenty of property services companies out there that can fit them to suit your specification. 

Personal Shoppers/Errand Runners

Property services provided within luxury serviced apartments can include the provision of a personal shopper/errand runner.  This is a super time-saving provision as when you don’t have time to go shopping or carry out certain tasks, your errand runner will do it for you.  Whether it’s popping to the deli, collecting dry cleaning, buying pet food or buying some extras for your wardrobe, personal shoppers and errand runners not only save you a great deal of time but when it comes to shopping, can even provide buying advice, particularly for gifts. 

Having a personal shopper at hand of course means that they can take care of the whole present-shopping experience fully, not only buying the gift but getting it wrapped and even delivered by hand.  If you are going on holiday, give them a list and allow them to do all your pre-vacation shopping, rather than you having to take time out to do it yourself.

You can make use of them for the odd requirement or set up a regular service provision with them.  When time is not on your side and you have a million things to do and no space in your calendar to fit them in, call on your personal shopper. 

Concierge/Virtual Assistant

Falling within the remit of property services, having access to a concierge is no longer just the stuff that dreams are made of.  Concierges come in a variety of types, ranging from purely a doorman who will do things such as call taxis, accept packages or checking-in visitors to a full-on concierge who will do much more on a personal basis for you.  This will vary according to your needs but may include providing you with services that other residents in the apartment block may not require.  This may include things like looking after your home whilst you are away, helping with decorating, cooking, making restaurant bookings or planning holidays or business trips.  Think of them more like your Person Friday and much closer to you than a personal shopper/errand runner would be. 

For those running their own companies, they can even come to your place of work and help in the office with mundane tasks such as filing, research and generally keeping the office looking good.  If you are moving rooms or having some new furniture delivered, ask them to come and help. You will find that the tasks get taken care of smoothly and efficiently whilst you are left to focus on other important things. 


When it comes to property services to be found at luxury serviced apartments, there are of course far more than these four available.  But if your focus is on saving precious time and gaining more hours in the day, feeling safe and secure and making the most of smart technology, then these are the four top services that you need to aim for. 

If your apartment is a new build it should have all these features already available.  If not, then you need to contact a professional building services company in the London area who can fit them for you or point you in the direction of where you will find them, as with concierge/personal shopper services. 

When choosing your serviced apartment, obviously location is going to be the key deciding factor, as is the interior.  After this, it is the services that are made available to you that you need to choose carefully.  With a busy lifestyle, serviced apartment property services are no longer a nice add-on but a must-have for those with hectic schedules, particularly if your apartment is your second home. 

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