Why have a completely managed property?

Many owners of the larger London homes that we work on have a hectic lifestyle and require help with the management of their property because they simply don’t have the time to do it themselves.

Having a property fully managed can help make life a lot easier. The reasons our clients ask us to manage their properties for them that we hear most often are:

  • Not enough time to manage the property themselves.
  • Owning several properties which makes management very time intensive.
  • The property portfolio is spread over a variety of locations making the logistics of management very challenging.
  • The current staff don’t have the experience required to manage all properties

As the owner of one or several larger homes, our clientele’s assets need to be looked after in order to maximise the value.

A good property maintenance team will take care of the property throughout it’s ownership, dealing with everything from regular maintenance through to wear and tear, preventing any bigger problems developing.

Concept Bespoke provides property maintenance services that are tailored to our client’s needs – we understand the individual needs and lifestyle requirements of clients and provide tailored services to meet their every expectation.

We assemble a bespoke service, comprising a team made up of facilities managers, front of house, back of house, engineering and construction support.  This usually includes a 24hr call out facility as well as utilities management and building maintenance.

Having a managed property relieves the burden of property management – freeing u our clients to get on with their lives, leaving their property maintenance team to look after the property. Some of the regular tasks that we perform on managed properties are:

  1. Inventory checks
  2. Facilities testing and maintenance
  3. Bills management for utilities
  4. Building regulations management
  5. Health and safety compliance

No matter how diverse your portfolio, the most skilled property maintenance companies will be able to take care of all communications on your behalf, liaising with catering, entertainment, operation and maintenance professionals.

Let’s take a more detailed look at exactly what general operation staff and specialised maintenance teams get involved with.

General operational staff

  • House Manager

The household manager will look after the general planning, organisation and coordination of everything that takes place within the property.  They will coordinate the calendar, remind of appointments, organise general maintenance, pay bills for the property and bring in additional help when needed.  Managing the other staff is a critical part of their duty.  They also need to monitor quality standards, organising and multi-tasking as required. Some of their duties may overlap with those of a PA. 

  • Chef

The kitchen is the chef’s domain. Occasionally accompanied by a sous chef, the chef overseas everything in the kitchen including menu planning, sourcing of ingredients and the provision of catering for all occasions.  This includes the three main meals of the day plus things like packed lunches, food for picnics, dinner parties, celebratory occasions and sometimes very large events. At times the chef caters not only for the family but prestigious guests, needing to adapt their style accordingly.

  • Butler

Think of the butler as the chief assistant of the household.  Their position may be formal or informal, depending upon the role given to them by their employer. Working more closely with the owners of the house than the house manager, their role may include such things as serving food and drink, hosting, helping with the planning of events, wardrobe management and greeting at the door. At times they may travel with their employer. 

  • Housekeeper

The housekeeper will take care of all cleaning duties throughout the property, managing a team who will need to ensure that the whole of the residence is immaculate, clean and tidy. As well as general vacuuming, dusting and mopping, they may also be responsible for pets and working with the chef to keep the kitchen clean in accordance with very high standards of hygiene. Errand running or organisation may also fall within their remit, such as dealing with dry cleaning or general food shopping.  They will also need to ensure a regular stock of cleaning products, within a set budget.

If a nanny is not in-situ for younger children, school-age children may be attended to by the housekeeper, getting them dressed and fed in the mornings.

  • Gardener

No matter the size of the grounds, most will need a gardener on their property maintenance team.  As well as looking after gardens and woodlands, they will be responsible for all outdoor maintenance including the upkeep of swimming pools and tennis courts. Busy the whole of the year, they may also find themselves in charge of a productive kitchen garden.

Maintenance staff

The property maintenance team would not be complete without someone to look after plumbing, electricals, fire and safety etc.

It is their role to keep the property in full working condition, safe at all times with both routine maintenance and emergency repairs taken care of.   Managing the technical, electrical, plumbing and safety requirements of a luxury estate is no small task.  Whether the property is a historic country home, a very modern and contemporary new build, each will have its own very special maintenance requirements.   The team involved to provide this will take care of all or some of the following:

  • Carpentry
  • Chandeliers
  • Drains and gutters
  • Electrics
  • Energy and the environment
  • Financial management
  • General caretaking
  • General repairs, improvements and renovations
  • Glazing
  • Hard & soft facilities management
  • Health & safety, including fire and risk assessments
  • Home technology: audio, video, lighting, climate, security
  • Locksmith
  • Painting & decorating
  • Swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms
  • Technical installations:  heating, ventilation and HVAC
  • Upholstery and carpets, rugs and wooden flooring
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Waste and recycling


With so much to be taken care of, it is no wonder that owners of larger properties need to have a full management team behind them to take care of all the property maintenance.  When you already have an incredibly busy life and the worry of having an expensive property to maintain, it makes sense to bring in a team of experts to take over the responsibility.  This way, no matter how far apart your properties or how often you visit them, you always have total peace of mind, knowing that they’re in safe hands all the time. 

When you do visit, you also know that each property is going to look just as good as the last time you left it, avoiding the problems that all residences can succumb to, whether empty or not.  Your property is a great investment, so it has to be maintained well, keeping it in the best condition and upholding and increasing its value rather than allowing it to depreciate in any way.

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