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Luxury building maintenance services can make the difference between living in an expensive property and living in a luxury property! It is all about those little things, the special extras that delight those that live within. Depending upon where you reside, most luxury accommodation will include a choice of lavish amenities. Our experience in providing maintenance and aftercare packages for our luxury properties has given us a unique insight into the services that our clients want, love, and can’t live without.

Here is our pick of the ten best services to look out for.

1.   Pet Services

Pet services can include anything from dog-sitting and walking through to lavish bespoke dog wash bathrooms and spa treatments for your beloved pooch. When choosing where to live, if you have a pet, focus on the facilities available for them too such as grooming, training, health check-ups and even day-care and play dates. Some of the best pet services include doggy-only swimming pools and even TV time with pet-focused programmes. Most of all, your pet will be as well looked after as you are. For those who have lost beloved pets, pet psychics can be on call to provide solace and a sense of peace and communication.

2.  Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Express dry cleaning and laundry services can be a boon for those with busy lives who need to always look their best. Prestigious buildings will often provide this service, but where they don’t, bespoke in house facilities can be installed or utilisation of longstanding partnerships with established laundry services can be offered, enabling time constrained residents to forego the trouble of having to drop off their dry cleaning elsewhere. Because the service is in-house and entirely stress free, you will have full peace of mind, knowing that even your most expensive attire will be returned to you in pristine order and ready to wear. Most services of this sort will deal with minor repairs and alterations, paying meticulous attention to every detail.

3.  Errand Running

When time is against you and there are just not enough hours in the day, errand running services can be an absolute godsend. With experienced runners on tap, there will always be someone on hand to attend to your daily needs and tick off your to-do list. Whether you need to use our consolidation centre as a permanent delivery address or a one off a parcel posting or collecting, a birthday gift purchasing, or your weekly shopping done, nothing will be too much trouble. By allowing others to take care of your mundane tasks, you can spend your own valuable time doing the things that you love most.

4.  Alternative Taxi’s

City traffic can be extremely stressful when you need to get from A to B in a limited amount of time. Similarly, crowded and hot trains or noisy taxis may just not cut it. When you need to transport yourself to an important meeting or event, taking a helicopter or boat taxi makes much more sense. You can forget about traffic or delays and focus on arriving in style; cool, calm and collected. 

5.  Tea Sommelier

The British love affair with tea goes back centuries, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. High end tea plantations are producing countless varieties of tea, from the traditional chimarrão of South America to the smoky Lapsang Souchong of Fujian, China, so a tea sommelier will help you choose the right tea for every situation. You will then have access to a fully trained and extremely knowledgeable professional who knows all there is to know about all kinds of tea, including the herbal varieties. If you like your food and drink gourmet style, this is for you. Treat yourself to the sublime subtleties, preparations and delicate benefits of each of the available selections of tea on offer. All served in the finest bone china to complete the experience. Your family and guests will appreciate it and there is nothing better in the early morning than being greeted by the wonderful aroma of freshly made speciality teas.

6.  Personalised Room Aromas

Aromas are about so much more than just experiencing a pleasant scent. Get the right fragrance into your living space and you can feel your mood lift as your senses are revived. Not everyone likes the same perfume and why should they? Just as the essence that your wear on your skin is unique and all about you, now your room aroma can be the same. Some of the best luxury accommodation allows residents to personalise their room aroma even before they enter. 75% of our emotions are influenced by scent, so having the right smell can make your living room feel relaxing, encourage concentration in your study and help you drift off to sleep in your bedroom. Your chosen aroma can be diffused through candles, diffusers and even the air conditioning system. Choose from a vast choice of aromas from fresh-smelling, invigorating fragrances through to delectably lush and heady florals.

7.  Gym and Spa Treatments

Luxury gyms and spas are about so much more than just looking after yourself. When there are exotic spa treatments available after each daily workout, why would you not want to take advantage of them? Whether you prefer sunrise yoga or lifting weights in the gym, you can chill out in style afterwards and reinvigorate your mind and body with a full body massage or a mud-mask treatment, accompanied by champagne and strawberries. 

8.  Barber and Saloon

There is something extremely enjoyable about getting your hair looked after and styled by your favourite barber on a regular basis. Having this facility in house lets residents get the styling perfect every time, with the convenience of not having to leave the building. Choose from a haircut, beard trim or a clean shave with a hot towel. Let yourself unwind as you lean back in the barber’s chair and let the experts get to work. Many of the specialist barbers also cater for female customers and hair treatments can be accompanied by the complete range of beauty treatments available. 

9.  Shaman Sessions

No matter how busy life may be, it is always good to get in touch with your spiritual side. Make the most of special Shaman sessions and enhance not only your physical and emotional health but also eradicate bad karma. By making use of age-old shamanic techniques, you will find old and sometimes harmful patterns of behaviour relinquished, enabling you to move forward in life. You will be empowered to recognise your strengths and talents, freeing yourself of beliefs and conditioning that have been holding you back. By making some time in your life to experience a personalised shamanic service, you will feel reenergised, invigorated and ready to take on the world.

10.      Luxury Boutiques

How often have you needed to pop into a luxury boutique for a special item of jewellery or a specific watch, but just do not had the time or inclination to go out to the shops? Having luxury boutiques brought to you gives you easy access to these stores so you can purchase the best quality products without the hassle. Whether you are purchasing for yourself, someone in your family, a loved one, or a friend, here you will find the very best in luxury items. If you can’t find what you looking for, many of the boutiques will order in specific items just for you.


Living in luxury accommodation is about so much more than just having grand décor and fittings. By availing yourself of the best luxury building maintenance services on offer, you can make each day something to look forward to. From lavish spas premium teas and services for your pet and yourself, your life can transform from being purely comfortable to one of sublime opulence.

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